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Karl Friedrich Gauss


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  • This curve is also called the Gaussian curve, after the nineteenth-century German mathematician Karl Friedrich Gauss.

    normal distribution curve

  • Leonhard Euler, Pierre-Simon Laplace, Joseph-Louis Lagrange, and Karl Friedrich Gauss prepared these mathematical and theoretical foundations, elaborated by Sir William Hamilton, which shaped the positive content of Maxwell's work ...

    Chapter 4

  • Also, the prevailing electrodynamics theories of the time were action-at-a-distance models, such as those of Karl Friedrich Gauss and later by Wilhelm Weber.

    Chapter 4

  • To the American reader the name of Karl Friedrich Gauss may have an unfamiliar sound.

    Notable Events of the Nineteenth Century Great Deeds of Men and Nations and the Progress of the World

  • In 1835 the German physicist Karl Friedrich Gauss made the first measurement of the earth's magnetic dipole moment.

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  • Had Karl Friedrich Gauss not been turned from an intended career in philology by his discovery of the geometrical constructability of the regular 17-gon and related implications for number theory The difference ΔI in entropy information between 756 pairs of otherwise acceptable alternative words in the two manuscripts on which Lachmann based his reconstruction of Lucretius's

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  • Karl Friedrich Gauss, then 24 years old, predicted Ceres 'path and suggested where to look to reacquire Ceres.

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  • Karl Friedrich Gauss, who also did work in physics and astronomy, is said to have memorized a table of logarithms to save the time required to look up a logarithm each time he needed one.

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  • Integer factorization was recognized as being important by the great mathematician Karl Friedrich Gauss (1777†"1855) more than 200 years ago, and obviously it is still a difficult and significant problem.

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