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  • A city of northeast Turkey near the Armenian border. Capital of an Armenian principality in the 9th and 10th centuries, it was destroyed by Tamerlane c. 1386, rebuilt by Ottoman Turks in the 16th century, and ceded to Russia in 1878. It was returned to Turkey in 1921. Population: 78,400.

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  • proper n. A historically Armenian city in eastern Turkey.

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  • n. Obsolete variants of cress.


From Turkish Kars, from Armenian Կարս (Kars). (Wiktionary)


  • But he does not care about the coup in Kars or which side is right or who has power.

    Snow « So Many Books

  • Ka is trapped in Kars for several days due to a snow storm that closes all the roads.

    Snow « So Many Books

  • As for the past tense in which Kars is also frozen, I have to rely on a certain amount of guesswork.

    Mind the Gap

  • These forces take advantage of the snowstorm to mount a coup in Kars and impose their own arbitrary will, though it is never explained why they do this or how they can hope to get away with it.

    Mind the Gap

  • It also happens that Ipek, the woman Ka has loved since his youth, is now divorced and living in Kars.

    Snow « So Many Books

  • My mom and I took my cousin Kari, as the local bridesmaid, shopping for dresses, and everything Kars tried on, Mom said, "I don't know, it's nice, but I wish it had ... something interesting about the back."

    mrissa: And I didn't even get to the--oh, wait, those are for surprises.

  • The most recent government action against the Nimatullahi-Gonabadi followers began in Kars province on Saturday, Sept. 3.

    Stephen Schwartz: Iranian Sufis Under New Attack

  • Mr. Erdogan described the monument as "a freak," speaking Saturday in the city of Kars in Eastern Turkey.

    Turkey to Tear Down Friendship Monument

  • Erdogan described the monument as "a freak," speaking in the city of Kars in Eastern Turkey.

    World Watch

  • It was commissioned by the former mayor of Kars, who made extensive efforts to build relations with Armenia, believing that reopening the border for trade could only benefit the remote town.

    Turkey to Tear Down Friendship Monument


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