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  • n. a landlocked republic to the south of Russia and to the northeast of the Caspian Sea; the original Turkic-speaking inhabitants were overrun by Mongols in the 13th century; an Asian soviet from 1936 to 1991
  • n. a Muslim who is a member of a Turkic people of western Asia (especially in Kazakstan)
  • n. the Turkic language spoken by the Kazak


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  • Once or twice we saw horsemen in the distance, on the low rocky barchans, and I heard for the first time names like "Kazak" and "Turka", but they kept a safe distance.

    The Sky Writer

  • He produced a photocopied page from a czarist-era encyclopedia showing Cossacks listed as second (after Russians) among the Slavic peoples of Russia, and another showing that Cossacks wrote "Kazak" ( "Cossack" in Russian, a word possibly of Turkic origin) under the heading natsional'nost '( "ethnic group") on government forms in the first years after the 1917 revolution.

    Russia's Holy Warriors

  • This summer, for example, a man was reprimanded on an English beach for wearing a thong-like suit with a halter strap similar to the one made famous by Borat, the fictional Kazak journalist.

    Grab Your 'Murse,' Pack a 'Mankini' And Don't Forget the 'Mewelry'

  • The Fellow will be mentored on research directly by Dr. Anne Kazak and will have the opportunity to collaborate with other investigators in our laboratory - Drs. Melissa Alderfer, Lamia Barakat, Lisa Schwartz, and Branlyn Werba - as well with our many multidisciplinary collaborators in the CCCR.

    Postdoctoral Program

  • Mr. McFaul cautioned that "there was no equivalence meant whatsoever" between the states of U.S. and Kazak democracies.

    Obama Presses Nuclear Issue

  • After independence in the early 1990s, there was a greater premium placed on being Kazak in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz in Kyrgyzstan and so on in the other 'stans.

    Nicholas van Praag: Glimmer of hope in Central Asia

  • The fan-tailed peacock pictured below was the signature design of the Akstafa, a single group of Kazak weavers living southwest of the Georgian capital of Tbilisi.

    Carpet Bagging

  • How ashamed one becomes, alone in a train station lobby with censorednewspapers and Kazak cigarettes, counting boys as if they were a marshal's medals, waiting for sealed trains to make me older and better versed.


  • There has even been talk of joint military exercises with the Kazak military.

    U.S. Military Presence Worldwide « Blog

  • Oh, and Kazak … no, wait ... somewhere Borat is jumping up and down in his Speedo; looks like the Kazakhs have eclipsed us too.

    Our Olympic Trials


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