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  • n. A member of a pastoral Muslim people inhabiting Kazakhstan and parts of Xinjiang Uygur in China.
  • n. The Turkic language of this people.

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  • n. A person from Kazakhstan or of Kazakh descent.
  • proper n. The national language of Kazakhstan.
  • adj. Of, from, or pertaining to Kazakhstan, the Kazakh people or the Kazakh language.

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  • n. a Muslim who is a member of a Turkic people of western Asia (especially in Kazakstan)
  • n. the Turkic language spoken by the Kazak
  • n. a landlocked republic to the south of Russia and to the northeast of the Caspian Sea; the original Turkic-speaking inhabitants were overrun by Mongols in the 13th century; an Asian soviet from 1936 to 1991


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Russian kazakh, from Kazakh qazaq, from Old Turkic *qazghaq, a profiteer, from qazqhanmaq, to acquire, from qazmaq, to dig out.


  • A lot of posts in Kazakh language tried to analyze the influence of the draft law on the future of Kazakhstani segment of the Internet.

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  • If they implement it, I will register my blog on. com and will say that it is run by a Kazakh from the U.S.

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  • It's helpful to know that Kazakh is also spoken in parts of Afghanistan so while we're there, we can look for bin Laden and send him to Rudy Giuliani as a Christmas present.

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  • Kazakh is an agglutinative language, and it employs vowel harmony.

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  • Nikiforova, already fluent in Kazakh, Russian and English, also learned Spanish to better connect with the Hispanic friends she has made in Texas. - The world is a community

  • The Russian word for Cossack is Kazak Kozak is acceptable; a Kazakh is a citizen of Kazakhstan, which I'm afraid is now spelled Kazakstan. IDIOCENTRISM.

  • Volumes have been written about Nazarbayev and about the so called Kazakh-Gate, mostly by the people who were privy to all this information from the very beginning but played mum's the word while they themselves were close to the president in the capacities of ministers, deputy premiers, governors, or in-laws.

    Ferghana.Ru news agency

  • President Özal called Kazakh President Nazarbayev an hour after its declaration of independence and congratulated him.

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  • The purpose of the current study was to investigate the relationship between the variation in NEDD4L and essential hypertension in Kazakh, which is a relatively isolated population with a pure genetic background and is an ideal population to study genetic mechanisms of hypertension.

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  • The "Kazakh" actors clearly have no idea about the outrageous things Borat is saying about them, and Baron Cohen crowns proceedings by staging a "running of the Jew", supposedly a regular local pastime.

    Borat: No 2


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