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  • n. Plural form of Kelvin.


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  • I shouldn't really use the term "Kelvins" - only Kelvin or K.

    Stopping the lights going out.

  • The postmodern world is just amazing: a charlatan comes into a billionaire's house and a whole fortune - in fact, most of Branson's assets - is instantly wasted for complete nonsense. prices, Branson's gift will lower the temperature in 2050 by 0.00001 Kelvins which is, according to the missionaries, a good thing.

    The Reference Frame

  • Just as the temperature scale from absolute zero is measured in kelvins, after its inventor Lord Kelvin, the quantity of spin should be measured in mandelsons – one mandelson being the point on the scale at which the quantity of spin would be that likely to be attained by the maestro.

    Coalition spinmasters have learned Mandelson's tricks

  • The radiative surface of the sun, or photosphere, has an average temperature of about 5,800 Kelvins.

    Solar radiation

  • Or in other words, the cardboard is 20% hotter in Kelvins than in the convection case.

    Eli Rabett and RW Wood

  • Study/Workshop Go with cooler Kelvins for task lighting: The iris contracts in response to a bluish-green tint, making it easier to focus on stuff close up.

    Green Lights: Pick the Right Compact Fluorescent for Your Room

  • According to the above equation, the wavelength of maximum emission for the sun (5,800 Kelvins) is about 0.5 micrometers, while the wavelength of maximum emission for the Earth (288 Kelvins) is approximately 10.0 micrometers.

    Electromagnetic radiation

  • Kelvin extrapolated backwards the coldest temperature that matter can be, and this was termed "absolute zero", so when you hear it on the Fifth Element movie a temperature of minus two million Kelvins (or some such figure), it was wrong, O K is (from memory) minus 273.16 Celsius - I just checked a physics article, it says -273.15 Celsius - which scientists and engineers call 0 K (zero Kelvin).

    Stopping the lights going out.

  • Note that Venus is not 93 times hotter, only about 2x hotter in Kelvins.

    Unthreaded #16 « Climate Audit

  • “Note that Venus is not 93 times hotter, only about 2x hotter in Kelvins.”

    Unthreaded #16 « Climate Audit


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