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  • proper n. A town in northern Finland by the Bothnian Bay, renowned for the icebreaker Sampo, World's only icebreaker operating tourist cruises.
  • proper n. A river in northern Finland, with 550 km the longest in Finland.


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Finnish Kemi


  • It shows Miss Boxall sitting on the bed while Ajose, known as Kemi, sprayed air freshener in her face before punching her in the face and slapping the back of her head.

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  • She befriended Ajose - known as Kemi - at school and they found temporary accommodation in a council-run hostel in Blackheath, south London just a few days before her death.

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  • She is 20-year-old Fadekemi "Kemi" Oba, and she will become a California State University, Bakersfield alumna when she graduates with honors on Friday, June 12.

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  • A niece of mine whom I called "aunty Kemi" because she is older came to Nigeria for her wedding in 2001, she came with her white friends and one of them was confused and had to ask "Kemi, this is a huge family, are all these people your relatives?".

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  • Watch the episode when Kemi (spelling) came into the camp and shot up a bunch of people.

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  • Jill Evans is writing to Home Secretary Jackie Smith asking for the deportation to be stopped on compassionate grounds given that Kemi Ayinde is a victim of people trafficking and is heavily pregnant.

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  • Ms Smith needs to send a signal to people who've been trafficked and forced into prostitution that they needn't fear deportation, and she would do that by halting the deportation of Kemi Ayinde.

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  • The case of Kemi Ayinde is a good example of this.

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  • KING: Kemi, is the family or the father saying anything now?

    CNN Transcript Dec 27, 2009

  • KING: And Kemi, speaking of the father, you're familiar with the suspect's family.

    CNN Transcript Dec 27, 2009


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