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  • Kennan, George Frost Born 1904. American diplomat and historian who recommended the policy of containment toward Soviet aggression. He served as U.S. ambassador to the USSR (1952) and Yugoslavia (1961-1963). His written works include American Diplomacy, 1900-1950 (1951).

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  • n. United States diplomat who recommended a policy of containment in dealing with Soviet aggression (1904-2005)


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  • They're doing honor to the great home state of Liberace and George Kennan and, more to the point, Fighting Bob La Follette.

    Ethan Casey: On Wisconsin: The View from Pakistan

  • Kennan, as one of major diplomats of the Cold War era and the architect of America's containment policy toward the Soviet Union, was clearly an intellectual of historic stature whose views about America's role in the world had helped to shape his country's destiny.


  • The boy and the old man met only once, but the elder Kennan established a career template for the younger.


  • Stymied at both ends, Kennan resigned after two frustrating years.


  • No summary can do justice to this hilarious book—Kennan's wit never fails him, just as a companion from California never fails, no matter how catastrophic the Siberian winter turns, to claim that he has seen "worse storms in the Sierra Nevadas."

    Five Best: Larry McMurtry

  • By this point, Kennan had embarked on a second career as America's foremost public intellectual.


  • Kennan barely managed acceptance to Princeton University but proved to be a good student, though a social misfit disconnected from the culture of the elite eating clubs.


  • Mr. Gaddis's admiration for Kennan is obvious, but it does not stop him from portraying his subject's flaws— an immense ego, a deep insecurity, a volatile temperament.


  • Mr. Gaddis captures the full range of Kennan's life and career and reveals the complicated inner personality behind the public mask.


  • Recalled to Washington, Kennan was put in charge of a new Policy Planning Office in the state department.



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