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  • adj. Reminiscent of John F. Kennedy (1917-1963), former president of the United States.


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Kennedy +‎ -esque


  • But that said, it'll be the media passing judgement ... hint: he'll have them eating out of his hand if he manages to come across as "Kennedyesque," it'll be a BIG problem if they determine his reactions to be "Kerryesque."

    Your Right Hand Thief

  • Articulate, energetic, with the kind of Kennedyesque profile to which men of a certain age aspire, Bremer has the look of a man used to success. Top Stories

  • It should be collectively blush-making for the press to remember the newsmagazine covers, the fawning TV sitdowns, the op-ed boostings Edwards garnered in the course of his years as a crowd-pleasing, "Kennedyesque" candidate who supposedly cared for the underdog and coined the "Two Americas" catchphrase. Top Stories

  • By claiming that the Kennedyesque combination of liberal social policies and "strong national defense" no longer has a comfortable home in today's "partisan political boxes" -- which is to say, in today's Democratic Party -- Lieberman will be unapologetically sounding the note that so angered liberals one last time as he heads into retirement.

    Lieberman to invoke JFK Democrats and decry "partisan boxes" in farewell presser

  • Warning: Never forget that Jack Kennedy might have been Bogartesque on occasion, but Bogart was never Kennedyesque.

    Cool Is as Cool Was

  • Not for them the Kennedyesque agreement to allow the elder a chance before giving way to the younger.

    Indra Adnan: How New Leader Ed Miliband Can Restore the Labour Family

  • It seems exactly right that this most cerebral of presidents would gravitate toward this most cerebral of television entertainments, with its glamorous Kennedyesque milieu, heightened awareness of social issues, and keen ear for office politics.

    Alan Schroeder: Barack Obama: "Mad Men" Aficionado

  • Think of it as a Kennedyesque vision of leadership; the inspiration that moves people beyond narrow self-interest ( "Ask not what ...").

    Geri Spieler: San Francisco Values Clarified

  • Obama's gift for humor is another of his Kennedyesque qualities.

    Tom Shales on TV: The LenoBrien Affair

  • Should he deliver a Kennedyesque "ask not what your country can do for you" speech calling on the Nation for cooperation and involvement?

    Sleeping With The Fishes


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