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  • proper noun Alternative spelling of Cerberus.
  • proper noun An authentication protocol using a central ticket server.


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Ancient Greek Κέρβερος.


  • Maybe you can tell us why within the enterprise we should use SAML 2.0 between say Active Directory and RACF vs. sticking with tried and true approaches such as Kerberos?

    From Incite comes Insight...: Thoughts on bloggers and Federated Identity

  • If you use your machine only from the console (or if you use some network encryption package such as Kerberos), you are the only user, you take reasonable system security measures to prevent unauthorized access, and you are aware of the risks above, you can securely use PGP on one of these systems.

    FAQ: Alt.Security.PGP (Part II)

  • Another 31 percent used secure sign-on applications such as Kerberos; 26 percent used enhanced authentication and authorization systems such as tokens and smart cards.

    Datamation Security

  • · Make sure to choose "Kerberos" as authentication provider and supply all other necessary information to create a web application

    MSDN Blogs

  • A few the biggies not discussed here are built-in support for smart cards and biometrics, the ability to force the use of Kerberos in a feature called Restrict NTLM, and support for the new DNSSec standards, which are becoming essential to prevent DNS exploitation attacks.

    The InfoWorld expert guide to Windows 7 security

  • While I have some trouble getting the exact results that I want from Google (try looking for an error code for LDAP or how to get AD to join a Kerberos realm), but I can usually find lots of info if I want to know about plasma TVs.

    GeekBrief.TV » Blog Archive » Best Ad from Microsoft … EVER!

  • Yahoo, which has championed the open source Apache Hadoop distributed computing platform, is adding capabilities for Kerberos security and workflow management to the platform.

    Yahoo adds security and workflow management to Hadoop

  • Irving noted the release Tuesday of Kerberos security capabilities for Hadoop.

    Hadoop gets closer to being enterprise-ready

  • Kerberos capabilities also allow for multi-tenancy, in which hardware can be used by multiple parties through authenticated access and processing of sensitive data, according to Yahoo, which developed and uses Hadoop.

    Yahoo adds security and workflow management to Hadoop

  • Kerberos, though, will make it easier to manage security access.

    Yahoo adds security and workflow management to Hadoop


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