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  • proper n. A people of Krasnoyarsk Krai in Central Siberia, Russia.
  • proper n. The Dené-Yeniseian language of this people, distantly related to Navajo but written in the Cyrillic script.


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  • This the common people call the Ket-stean; note that the

    Archaeological Essays, Vol. 1

  • Here, Thai troops deployed tanks to reinforce their bases in Si Sa Ket Province, Thailand, Wednesday.

    Fighting Eases in Temple Dispute

  • Ket Lamb, a regular contributor to The Inside Source, eBay's digital style magazine, caught up with Dean at his beautifully redone salon to talk reality show drama, Vidal Sassoon and his dream customer.

    Meredith Barnett: Meet the Man Behind Gwyneth's Lovely Locks

  • EPA Thai villagers rested at an emergency shelter after evacuation in Si Sa Ket province Saturday.

    Thai-Cambodia Border Clashes

  • Agence France-Presse/Getty Images Thai Army chief General Prayuth Chan-ocha visits troops and get a briefing on border situation at military base at Kantharalak district of Si Sa Ket province near the Thai-Cambodian border on February 9, 2011.

    Thai General Weighs In on National Election

  • We have been tutoring the boys in sign language, Swahili, and Ket, an obscure language spoken only in Central Siberia.

    Pamela Alma Bass: Panicked Parents' Preschool Application

  • His asides on Brahui (the Dravidian language that may be a missing link between India and the Persian-empire tongue Elamite) and Ket (the Siberian language with plausible ties to Navajo) are as diverting as anything in his book.

    Back to Babel

  • An alien prince hires him to retrieve the Fractured Emerald from the planet Ket in exchange for the identity of his family's killer.

    REVIEW: War Machine by Andy Remic

  • Keenan meets many obstacles, of course: First he extracts Franco from a mental institution and Pippa from a prison planet; they pick up weapons on a lawless planet made up of one gigantic city (think Coruscant from the Star Wars prequels); they fight their way through an alien warrior race on Ket; and then move on to Teller's World, a "machine-planet of no return" where the really freaky things start to happen.

    REVIEW: War Machine by Andy Remic

  • Ket worker schemes only take even more from thiose who are not key workers (aka governemnt workers) more disaster for the beleaguered wealth creating side of the economy

    I Hate the Young .....( and the Old)


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