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  • n. a member of a semi-nomadic Turkic tribe who occupied a large part of southeastern Russia (Khazaria)
  • adj. of or relating to Khazars
  • proper n. the Turkic language of the Khazar people


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The origin is unknown. Attested as Arabic خزر‎ (khazar), Byzantine Greek Χάζαροι (Khazaroi), Hebrew כוזרים (Kuzarim), Latin Gazari and Cosri, Old Armenian խազիր (xazir), Old East Slavic козаринъ (kozarinŭ), Persian خزر (xazar), Russian хазар (xazár), Tatar хәзәр (xäzär), Turkish Hazar, etc.


  • In the tenth century CE, there was a kingdom called the Khazar kingdom, near the Caspian Sea, which was called the Khazar Sea back then.

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  • At concert Ismailov Tugay, Irzayev Royal, Allahverdiyev Amraddin, tool ensemble "Khazar" and dancing collective "Sabina" will perform.


  • I am not extremely well-read on the topic but my general impression has been that anyone who invokes the "Khazar" theory was an anti-Semite.

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  • He is of course the man who, in nothing more than an exuberant phase typical of nice young men the world over, endorsed Holocaust denial and antisemitic "Khazar" tales in a lecture in the UK.

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  • They are the Khazar people from the Caucases region of Georgia and Ukraine that converted some 1300 years back.

    It’s Hard to Be an Anti-Zionist Jew « Blog

  • Hail great Khazar, heavenly lord, shall I burn a clovem hoofed bovine for you to eat for my sins?

    Think Progress » Virginians Buck Far-Right Policies Of McDonnell And Cuccinelli

  • I would bet that when the Khazar rulers and the people of the kingdom decided to convert to Judaism, they didn't each individually have to undergo a conversion process.

    Angela Himsel: Of'feh-nsive

  • Some time between perhaps 750 and 850 CE, the Khazar kingdom on the Caspian Sea and along the Volga River supposedly converted to Judaism, though it is unclear whether that means the nobility or the general population.

    All Jews are cousins - The Panda's Thumb

  • In 1976, the novelist and essayist Arthur Koestler published The Thirteenth Tribe, a nonfiction work in which he revived and popularized the theory that European Jews were descended from the remnants of the Khazar kingdom and not from the Middle East.

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  • Ms. Bauer uses anothor text The Jews of Khazaria, 2006, Kevin Brook to come to the conclusion that a Khazar king had his people convert because it was a middle path and seemed the best way to assert independance.

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