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  • proper n. An extinct Mongolic language once spoken in the northern China.
  • proper n. Ancient nomadic people who lived in that area.


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Origin uncertain. Cognate with Chinese 契丹 (Qìdān), Spanish Catay, Portuguese Catai, Russian Китай, and English Cathay.


  • Here and there were rugs of that silk known as Khitan which is practically indestructible.

    The Conquering Sword of Conan

  • It was not that she had been unaware of Chin Kou, but the Khitan was a merchant's niece and surely merchants 'nieces did not think and feel in the same way as a woman born of the Kshatriya blood.

    Conan The Victorious

  • As they advanced without opposition, Conan became sure that the Khitan was the only sentry in the cleft.

    Conan the Wanderer

  • The Khitan was a slim, dainty, foppish little man with a soft, lisping voice.

    Conan of Cimmeria

  • After Genghis Khan defeated the Jin Dynasty, he told the Khitan prince, Chu'Tsai, that the prince's forefathers had been avenged.

    How to Be a Conqueror

  • Chu'Tsai's father had worked under the Jin regime that had overthrown the Khitan.

    How to Be a Conqueror

  • Nine-year-old Jivan Galper, from Concord, Mass., said he was in Central Park to watch the game with his family, and he was thrilled to learn that he and his younger brother, Khitan, would get to play themselves.

    Quidditch In Central Park: Harry Potter Game Comes To Life In New York

  • The Kingdom of Balhae one of those that eventually became Korea has largely been overrun by the Khitan barbarians.

    Archive 2009-06-01

  • She had silver boots to use in the afterlife, the importance of which probably originated with the nomadic Khitan people.

    Barbarians or a Civilized Dynasty?

  • The burial mask, likewise, is thought to have been a tribal tradition that the Liao retained from their Khitan past.

    Barbarians or a Civilized Dynasty?


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