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  • proper noun Alternative form of Chorasmia.


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  • Man make a rough guess that 1.25M people were killed in Khwarezm in two years-- that's 25% of 5M original inhabitants.

    "This defeat is actually an obvious victory for the Iranian nation."

  • And as for Khwarezm, it was the home of not only the great mathematician Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi note final -i: 'the Khwarezmian' but of the great scientist Abu'l Rayhan Muhammad ibn Ahmad al-Biruni, so it was quite the place to be from... unless Genghis Khan was in the neighborhood. MATHEMATICAL TERMS.

  • At the age of twenty-two he left Bokhara and went to Jorjan, the capital of Khwarezm where he frequented the Court of Shah

    Mystics and Saints of Islam

  • The historically proven means of dealing with the Iranian power was shown by the Mongols during their series of empire-busting conquests -- from the destruction of Khwarezm to the Abbassid Caliphate.


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