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  • proper n. A surname.


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Contraction of McAdie and related names, anglicisations of Scottish Gaelic surnames from a diminutive form of Adam.


  • Jeanne, who married Davis in 1964, said he loved the campground that he referred to as the Kiddie Camp.

    Local News from The Dispatch | Lexington, NC

  • Mr. Carson, 36, says many times ride operators call Kiddie Rides when they have old pieces that they want to dispose of.

    Nostalgia Helps Put Old Kiddie Rides Back in Play

  • And that there's something out there called Kiddie Record King that will seriously blow your mind, man.

    Moomin, Music, and Comics

  • As a matter of fact, they've been there only a very few winters -- since the time when the name 'Kiddie' was more appropriate to me than it is now.

    Kiddie the Scout

  • Why should a happy innocent little lad like Tom o 'the Gleam's "Kiddie" have been hurled out of existence in a moment as it were by the mad speed of a motor's wheels, -- and a fragile "toy" terrier, the mere whim of dog-breeders and plaything for fanciful women, be plucked from starvation and death as though the great forces of creation deemed it more worth cherishing than

    The Treasure of Heaven A Romance of Riches

  • He tried not to see the horribly haunting vision of the murdered Wrotham, with that terrible gash in his throat, and the blood pouring from it, -- he strove to forget the pitiful picture of the little dead "Kiddie" in the arms of its maddened and broken-hearted father -- but the impression was too recent and too ghastly for forgetfulness.

    The Treasure of Heaven A Romance of Riches

  • "Kiddie," -- and now, -- within the space of twenty-four hours, both father and child had gone out of life at a rush as fierce and relentless as the speed of the motor-car which had crushed a world of happiness under its merciless wheels.

    The Treasure of Heaven A Romance of Riches

  • I started teaching dance to kids for two reasons: 1 I was inspired by a 1960’s television show called Kiddie-A-Go-Go.

    Interview: Baby Doe

  • Licensed home child care must follow the stricter rules of the agency licensed by the ministry, such as Kiddie Kare, which trains and inspects them. - Home Page

  • Spider-Man Adventures, and I did, and I'm glad there's at least one Spider-Man title that appeals to an 11-year-old boy, even if it is the ghettoized "Kiddie" version.

    The ADD Blog at Comic Book Galaxy


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