Kierkegaardian love


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  • adj. Of or pertaining to the Danish philosopher Kierkegaard or his existentialist philosophy.


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Kierkegaard +‎ -ian


  • We are - I think - still often prisoners of Kant, and thus I think we are in deep need of this kind of Kierkegaardian,

    Faith and Theology

  • He embraces his racial identity despite his mixed parentage through a kind of Kierkegaardian leap into blackness, through which he hopes to become a whole, untroubled person.

    Latest Articles

  • People assume there are no continuity errors in reality. — which is, in fact, a quintessentially Kierkegaardian idea.

    This and/or that

  • Kennedy (the Kierkegaardian) would have you believe these things didn't exist.

    Archive 2008-07-01

  • It will come as no surprise to most CoffeeHousers that my standard answer to the vast majority of questions was to scratch my head, screw up my face and say “Hmmm,” as if in the midst of some Kierkegaardian contemplation.

    Gordon Brown, Charlie Whelan and Me

  • Kierkegaardian Louisiana State Treasurer John N. Kennedy announces his switch to the Republican Party, positioning him for a run at Mary Landrieu's seat in 2008.

    Archive 2007-08-01

  • He's a philosophy major and a Kierkegaardian, so I'll give him a pass on his opportunistic party-switching.

    Your Right Hand Thief

  • Yet in a world dominated by logical Hegelian dialectics and duty-bound Kantian principles, taking this totally Kierkegaardian leap into the unknown at middle age looked to everyone like a leap off a precipice into a maelstrom.

    Tish Grier: Is Fearlessness Just a Bunch of Foolishness?

  • The fideist, decisionist, and absurdist traditions in Christianity seem so much more compelling to me (were I to choose): Pauline conversion; Tertullian apologetics; Pascalian wagering; Kierkegaardian fearfulness and faith-leaping; Calvinist depravity and helplessness.

    John Seery: An Egghead's Eggnog Tidings

  • So a radical conservative is like an atheist Catholic or a moderate Kierkegaardian; to really live up to what the noun means, you have to cut yourself off from the standpoint towards your own views that the adjective suggests.

    Semantic quibbles #3: Conservatism


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