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  • proper n. A medieval principality in Eastern Europe centred around Kiev; considered an early predecessor of Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine.


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  • The tension mounts as the Mongol hordes advance into Kievan Rus, a civilized place certainly by the standards of the Mongols steeped in the tradition of the Orthodox church.

    Mongols on the Moskva

  • In the twelfth century, the princes of Kievan Rus were integrated into the West through trade and marriage with the royal families of Europe.

    The Return

  • The Soviet imperium - heir to Kievan Rus, medieval Muscovy and the Romanov dynasty - covered Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia and propped up regimes in Africa, the Middle East and Latin America.

    A world with no one in charge

  • The effort, directed by Park Pictures' Lance Acord, stars an actual high school rock trio from Ithaca, N.Y., called Kievan Rus.


  • Kievan Rus ceased to exist by the thirteenth century, but it lived in historical memory and had an important part in the rise of Ukrainian national and cultural self-consciousness six centuries later.

    Are Hetmen Heroes?

  • On the psychology of the Russian peasant himself, Pipes is unusually interesting, not only because he underlines the muzhik's fear and mistrust of the outside world, but because, quite unlike most other scholars, he repeatedly stresses the urge of the peasant to leave the land if not prevented and the pervasive tradition of commercial activity dating from the Scandinavian-founded Kievan Rus.

    Short Reviews

  • Weakened by internecine quarrels and Mongol invasions, Kievan Rus was incorporated into the Grand Duchy of

    The 2005 CIA World Factbook

  • Ukraine was the center of the first Slavic state, Kievan Rus, which during the 10th and 11th centuries was the largest and most powerful state in Europe.

    The 2005 CIA World Factbook

  • Mongol invasions, Kievan Rus was incorporated into the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and eventually into the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

    The 2004 CIA World Factbook

  • Rurik, electe ruler of Novgorod in 862 and founded the Rurik Dynasty which ruled Kievan Rus and then Galicia Volhynia until the 14th and Muscovy until the 16th century. - Articles related to How Big Oil Conned Obama


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