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  • adj. Suggestive of Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936) or his writings.


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Kipling +‎ -esque


  • In these stories London asserts the Kiplingesque myth of the superior White Race, but he also adapts it to a naturalistic framework.

    “The Kipling of the Klondike”: Naturalism in London's Early Fiction

  • Needless to say, Brooke finds Nell cute when she's angry, and he becomes jealous of the attentions she's paid by a fine working-class lad named, with Kiplingesque inevitability, Tommy.

    Jill Dawson's novel about Rupert Brooke, "The Great Lover"

  • In "Where the Trail Forks" (Outing, December, 1900), London revives a favored theme: the Kiplingesque conflict between between Anglo-Saxon mores and Indian religions and folkways.

    “Why this longing for life? It is a game which no man wins.”

  • London revives a favored theme: the Kiplingesque conflict ...

    “Why this longing for life? It is a game which no man wins.”

  • To call them Kiplingesque would be to cheapen them; they were practically out of the Iliad.

    Colonel Cross of the Gurkhas

  • In London in 1998, at the decennial meeting of Anglican primates, the mostly liberal American bishops arrived in a Kiplingesque mood, eager to tutor the "lesser breeds without the law" in advanced thinking about sexuality.

    The Limits Of Inclusiveness

  • In our Kiplingesque way, we are left behind to mutter: "This isn't fair dealing".

    Archive 2007-12-01

  • It also provides a convenient outlet for bigoted animus – where once denigrating Muslims or advocating invading “pagan” countries at will smacked uncomfortably of racism, religious bigotry, and a Kiplingesque lack of modernity, today you can be out and proud in your hatred of brown-skinned non-Christians as a political stance favoring tolerance, freedom, and progressive values of the kind harbored by David Horowitz, Michelle Malkin, and the Young America Foundation.

    Pants-Wetting Bigotry Week « Lean Left

  • Considering the source, an evolutionary psychologist, and one of the most perniciously Kiplingesque of that breed I'll consider writing a post on some of his research, but I don't know if anyone wants to see me being that mean, I'm inclined to cease believing in true love right now.

    What the Cognitive Scientists Believe

  • More and more of us already know who is served by trying to check the growing militancy within the antiwar movement, and we recognize the Kiplingesque racism that props up their flaccid argument that the Iraqis are uniquely unqualified to take control of their own destiny.

    "Naming names and telling it like it is."


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