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  • proper noun An outdated way of spelling Chisinau, the capital city of Moldova.


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  • Now, Mr. Nabokov arouses one's hopes when we find such correct transliterations as Lyov, Pyotr, Pletnyov, and Oryol; but then he discourages these hopes by writing — except in the index, where, for some reason, both spellings are given — what ought to be Kishinyov and Mogilyov as Kishinev and Mogilev.

    The Strange Case of Pushkin and Nabokov

  • I find that Mr. Leon Dennen, in his letter to The New York Review, after implying that his mastery of Russian surpasses not only mine but even Mr. Nabokov's, asserts that the Bessarabian city is prounced Kishinev not Kishinyov, though I have never known any Russian or anyone who has been in Russia to give it anything but the latter pronunciation.

    Wilson's Russian Usage

  • For Mr. Wilson's information the Bessarabian city of Kishinev is actually pronounced Kishinev and not, as Wilson claims, Kishinyov.

    Other Comment

  • The "Gates of Chişinău", as seen when entering the city from the direction of the Chişinău airport Chişinău (Romanian pronunciation: [kiʃiˈnəw]; in the past also known as Kishinev, Russian: Кишинёв Kishinyov), is the capital and largest municipality of - Business News


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