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  • adj. Of or pertaining to Henry Kissinger (1923-), German-born American political scientist, diplomat, and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.


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Kissinger +‎ -ian


  • What better time for a Kissingerian intervention -- not for peacekeeping as he was never known for that -- but for Machiavellian manipulation...

    Richard Walden: Somalia: Henry Kissinger and Me, Circa 1980

  • Very Kissingerian in its amoral convolution, and undoubtedly beyond the capacities of the planning branches of the Bush administration.

    How Iran Could Save the Middle East

  • But from there it only got worse, with Obama's foreign policy repudiating most of President Bush's democracy-building gestures and opting instead for Kissingerian realpolitik, with America prepared to do business with almost any kind of dictator so long as it served our interests.

    Rabbi Shmuley Boteach: Obama, Who Refused to Lead, Is the Big Loser on Egypt

  • Despite his disdain for everything Kissingerian, he played the familiar Kissinger card: he'd be on the road, he explained, and therefore unavailable.

    The Return of the Neocons

  • Under Obama, America has retreated substantially from President Bush's policies of promoting democracy and human rights and has reverted to Kissingerian realpolitik, ready to make deals with tyrants so long as it promotes an artificial sense of peace.

    Rabbi Shmuley Boteach: Helen Thomas and Open Season on Jews

  • He did not find Jones to be very strategic, certainly not in the mold of what he called “the Kissingerian, master-, über-strategist.”

    Obama’s Wars

  • On foreign policy, the new administration declared itself moving away from Kissingerian realpolitik to greater emphasis on human rights and the Third World.

    In the Shadow of the Oval Office

  • Some Kissingerian realists, most notably Brent Scowcroft and to some extent Lawrence Eagleburger, went public with their skepticism of a crusading foreign policy.

    American Sketches

  • Do we need a bit more Kissingerian realism and subtlety?

    American Sketches

  • Once again, the metastasizing Russian variant may be more dangerous than the implosive Chinese -- and so, Kissingerian "" realists '' may take some satisfaction that the source remains the same.

    'Hard' Vs. 'Soft' Vs. 'Viral' Power


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