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  • proper n. A surname.


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  • Max Kleene seems to be a genuinely kind, talented guy.

    Live Music

  • Maximillion Kleene played first, and then Montian Gilruth finished up the evening.

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  • It also appears in a number of recent introductory textbooks (Shoenfield 1967; Kleene 1967; Fraenkel et al. 1984; Ebbinghaus et al. 1994; van Dalen 1997).

    Skolem's Paradox

  • Kleene had taken up Ketonen's calculus from the Bernays review and also treated intuitionistic sequent calculus in which invertibility is more restricted than in the classical calculus.


  • In this spirit, both Johnsen and Tye endorse the truth-tables of Kleene (1938) while Hyde those of Łukasiewicz (1920).

    Wild Dreams Of Reality, 3

  • Myhill introduced a variant of this realisability which resembles Kleene's slash (Myhill 1973; Kleene 1962, 1963).

    Set Theory: Constructive and Intuitionistic ZF

  • The name “Proof Interpretation” for the explanation that Heyting published in the 1930s and later seems to have made its first appearance in print only in 1973, in papers by Van Dalen and Kleene, presented at the same conference (van Dalen 1973a, Kleene 1973).

    The Development of Intuitionistic Logic

  • For further biographical material in addition to the above-mentioned, see also Gödel 1987, Kleene 1987, Kreisel 1980, Taussky-Todd 1987 and Yourgrau 2005. 2.

    Kurt Gödel

  • Intuitionistic systems have inspired a variety of interpretations, including Beth's tableaus, Rasiowa and Sikorski's topological models, formulas-as-types, Kleene's recursive realizabilities, and the Kleene and Aczel slashes.

    Intuitionistic Logic

  • Another line of research in intuitionistic logic concerns Brouwer's very controversial "creating subject counterexamples" to principles of classical analysis (such as Markov's Principle) which could not be refuted on the basis of the theory FIM of Kleene and Vesley [1965].

    Intuitionistic Logic


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