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  • n. The doctrines, principles, or practices of the Know-Nothings.


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  • * Know-Nothingism in 21st Century America: Justin Elliott has the dispiriting tale of a Texas school that nixed Arabic classes because parents were angry that their children were being taught about Islam.

    The Morning Plum

  • As White Populism and the new Know-Nothingism sweep America, Harry Reid is going to stake the political future of the Democrats on both helping immigrants and forcing those few citizens who still have jobs to register their fingerprints with the federal government.

    TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads

  • The historian Samuel Eliot Morison wrote that "Know-Nothingism was a flare-up of anti-Catholic and anti-foreign sentiments."

    Martin Nolan: Arizona for Arizonans, Now!

  • Foe Obama or against, one can only be aghast at the poll and at the tenor of the comments, the results of demagogues who wrap themselves in fake patriotism and pander to Know-Nothingism.

    The Obama-is-a-Muslim lie

  • Dumb gets dumber, even to the point of suicidal tendencies, like other religious death cults - a once proud independent Kansas is brought to her knees by a bunch of hysterical descendants of Know-Nothingism and the Temperance Leagues.

    Chavez Uses Petro-Dollars to Help the Poor - in America

  • Know-Nothingism had finally expired in the atmosphere of ethnic unity produced by the Civil War, and the mood of postwar America was such as to militate against a nativist revival.

    The Chicago Blog: Getting in before they closed the door

  • If Know-Nothingism was present, it prudently accepted an attitude of subordination.

    Political Recollections 1840 to 1872

  • The baleful interposition of Know-Nothingism stood in the way of that union of forces which the situation demanded, and was thus chiefly responsible for the Republican defeat.

    Political Recollections 1840 to 1872

  • It contained a considerable Know-Nothing element, but it made no attempt at leadership, while Charles Remelin and other speakers were enthusiastically applauded when they denounced Know-Nothingism as

    Political Recollections 1840 to 1872

  • The political managers even went so far as to suppress their own electoral ticket during the canvass, as a peace-offering to old Whiggery and Know-Nothingism, while the admission of Kansas as a free State was dealt with as the sole issue, and border ruffian outrages and elaborate disclaimers of

    Political Recollections 1840 to 1872


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