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  • See Qŭqon.


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  • There are also 87 endemic mollusks, including the Kokand freshwater clam (Colletopterum kokandicum), which is restricted to one lake in the Fergana Valley.

    Biological diversity in the mountains of Central Asia

  • Should it surprise anyone then, that on top of every other problem they face this year, this kind of treatment is what engendered the recent spate of violent riots – several in Andijon and one in Kokand?

    Kitchen Chatter

  • The tension between Islam and the Soviets is another theme of this book, from the massacre of 14,000 Muslims at Kokand (Uzbekistan) by Soviet troops in 1917 to the 1992 civil war between Islamists and Russian-backed forces in Tajikistan, in which 30,000 died.

    March 07, 2004

  • This Kokand fort was built by Uzbek khans 1846, according to this article, and probably was named in Uzbek. BISHKEK/PISHPEK.

  • Let's go to E.M. Pospelov, Geograficheskie nazvaniya mira (my translation):Founded in 1878 as a settlement selenie on the site of the former Kokand fortress Pishpek, which in 1926 was renamed Frunze after the Soviet party and military leader M.V. Frunze (1885-1925). BISHKEK/PISHPEK.

  • The conquests of the khanates of Kokand, Bokhara, and Khiva were followed by the annexation of the entire Transcaspian region in 1881.


  • Asia, and succeeded in annexing such distant regions as Khoten, Kokand, and the Pamirs.

    China and the Chinese

  • Tashkend was taken and Kokand annexed in 1866; and soon afterward the communications between the Russian base in Georgia and the Russian garrisons in Turkestan were firmly established.

    Studies in Literature and History

  • Sir William McNaghten, the chief political officer in Cabul, went still further, and in April 1840 not only urged a march on Bokhara, but also contemplated sending a Mission to Kokand, in order, as he said, 'to frustrate the knavish tricks of the Russians in that quarter.'

    Indian Frontier Policy; an historical sketch

  • For a few years subsequent to the war, our frontier policy happily remained free from complications, and it will be desirable now to refer shortly to the progress of Russia in Central Asia, and of her conquests of the decaying Principalities of Khiva, Bokhara and Kokand.

    Indian Frontier Policy; an historical sketch


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