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  • adj. From, of, or pertaining to Kosovo or its people, culture or language.
  • n. Someone from Kosovo.


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  • In one titled "Kosovar man shoots social benefits office chief," the party describes a 59-year-old man who shot his wife who wanted to divorce him, before killing the head of the social benefits office, because "he had received too little financial help." - Telegraph online, Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph

  • Besim, I envy your ability to articulate diarrhea from your mind … Stupidity is a bliss and you are enjoying it just like every "Kosovar"

  • Not unlike the humanitarian aid coming from all over Serbia to the "Kosovar" refugees during the war their clan leaders waged.

    Political Mavens

  • The effect of Ternava's usurpation, in the words of the seven, will be to drive Kosovar Muslim religious students abroad, where the cost of reputable theological training will be higher, and "they will be at even greater risk of influence by rigid and radical interpretations of Islam."

    Stephen Schwartz: Kosovo Islam In Crisis

  • Discontent among Kosovar Albanian Muslims was aggravated at the beginning of the 2011 academic year.

    Stephen Schwartz: Kosovo Islam In Crisis

  • The Kosovar Albanians have survived the slurs of their enemies.

    Stephen Schwartz: Kosovo Islam In Crisis

  • Israelis fear that Kosovar independence will be an incentive for a similar unilateral posture by the Palestinians.

    Stephen Schwartz: Kosovo Islam In Crisis

  • Dissatisfaction with Naim Ternava's indulgence toward fanaticism and prejudice is a recurrent theme among Kosovar Mislims.

    Stephen Schwartz: Kosovo Islam In Crisis

  • The Calaisiens today still call the illegal immigrants Kosovars except that there's not a Kosovar among them.

    George Heymont: Water, Water, Everywhere

  • In other words, if Kosovar Albanians are granted the right of self-determination, so should the Serbian communities of northern Kosovo that wish to remain a part of Serbia, as well as the Srpski Republic who desperately want to free themselves from a dysfunctional Bosnian state.

    Self-Determination Must Also Apply


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