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  • A city of northwest Russia on the Volga River northeast of Moscow. Founded in 1152, it was annexed by Moscow in 1364. Population: 276,000.

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  • proper n. a city in Russia, administrative centre of Kostroma oblast.


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  • The Hotel Volga, in Kostroma, is another Soviet-style cement behemoth — but it occupies the finest real estate in the city, and has splendid views of the river.

    The Travel Advisory

  • It was from the Monastery of St. Ipaty in Kostroma, forty miles east of Yaroslavl, that the first Romanov czar emerged from hiding, in 1613, to end the Time of Troubles — a fifteen-year interregnum of civil war, invasion, and famine following a disputed succession to the throne — and inaugurate the dynasty that would rule until the Bolshevik Revolution.

    Escape to Old Russia

  • Thieves who broke into a decommisioned missile silo in Kostroma, Russia discovered that the silo was full of expired Soviet Rubles, according to the Regnum news agency.

    Boing Boing: April 16, 2006 - April 22, 2006 Archives

  • AMA Waterways sails along the Volga-Baltic from Moscow to St. Petersburg, with stops in the golden ring cities of Uglich, Kostroma and Yaroslavl.

    Rolling on the River

  • In recent broadcasts we were introduced to Monika, an operatic donkey from the Mariinsky Theater who is retiring at nineteen years; a Siberian tiger, who had his cavities filled by a team of dentists; now a moose farm in Kostroma where moose (not meese?) are being raised for their milk, which is rich in fat and mineral.

    Russia Today 2

  • The Saint Springs water company was born two years ago when American entrepreneur John King by chance met Russian Orthodox Bishop Aleksandr of central Russia's Kostroma region.

    That's The Spirits

  • The towns of Rostov, Yaroslavl, Kostroma, and Bogolyubovo, more than 150 miles northeast of Moscow (at the time a remote provincial village), were pillaged by the invaders but spared the occupation.

    Escape to Old Russia

  • So in Bogolyubovo, 120 miles south of Kostroma and my last stop before returning to Moscow, I attended a liturgy one evening in a nineteenth - century cathedral, a soaring structure of whitewashed stone.

    Escape to Old Russia

  • One plainly sees that the author has never tasted a real black bread - with, well, a sturgeon (or, better yet, a sturgeon caviar) on top of it (separated by a real Kostroma butter). THE IMPORTANCE OF TRANSLATIONS.

  • They were traveling through the Russian land: Kostroma, Samara, Moscow.



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