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  • n. The study of the policies of the Soviet government.

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  • n. The study of the internal politics of the high members of the government of the USSR.
  • n. The study of the internal politics of any powerful and secretive organization.


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From the Russian word Kremlin for "capital"+ -ology.


  • Since last year's disputed presidential election led to a crackdown on both dissent and independent reporting in Iran, analysts trying to understand the hidden inner workings of the Islamic Republic have thrown themselves into the kind of close reading of state media reports that used to be known as Kremlinology when the inscrutable power structure under the microscope was the one that ran the old Soviet Union.

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  • Does everyone remember "Kremlinology" wherein everyone tried to determine the future of Russian politics by ascertaining who was sitting next to whom during the Mayday parades?

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  • If they can have "Kremlinology", then the word "Euology" must be just as valid.


  • Interpreting what the Russian president is thinking, and where he is taking his country, has degenerated into the sort of "Kremlinology" that characterized the Soviet era.

    The Many Faces of Putin

  • Cameron wrote in the Wall Street Journal today that he wants to move beyond the "Kremlinology" that dogged some of his predecessors 'relations with U.S. leaders. --

  • The foreign secretary said he would not indulge in "Kremlinology" because he has a clear position.

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  • The result is that the majority of efforts at assessing the character of Bashar Assad - and his country's trajectory - have devolved into a kind of Syrian-style 'Kremlinology', as much based on inference as hard facts based on a solid knowledge of the man.

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  • Political observers were thus reduced either to "Kremlinology" ” scouring speeches, newspaper editorials, and podium lineups ” or else to deducing Communist behavior from Marxist principles.

    A Story Still to Be Told

  • This was the mirror image of the Cold War, where the Soviets had enough nuclear devices to end civilization, yet their intentions about what they might do with those weapons were so opaque that the art of Kremlinology sprang up to divine what their plans might be.

    The Longest War

  • With the race to power beginning to heat up, analysts may have to sharpen their skills in an old Soviet era art: Kremlinology.

    Russia’s Ruling Party Chief Favors Putin for President


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