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  • proper n. A creole language widely spoken by Australian Aborigines.
  • n. The Belizean Creole; descendants of African slaves who were brought primarily from Jamaica and Nicaragua's Mosquito Coast to cut down mahogany trees in Belize.


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From English creole.


  • For Christmas I worked with the village council to organize a party or Bram as they say in Kriol.

    My PC Belize intro letter

  • My village is primarily Kriol, and the people are warm, friendly, generous, and have no problem saying exactly what they think.

    My PC Belize intro letter

  • Sitting shirtless in the rain, Guinness in hand, bantering back and forth in Kriol it struck me that whatever my issues with this country, with my village and with peace corps may be, I could call these guys my friends.


  • The aggressive scenarios always ended up with laughs because when the girls rail up on each other in Kriol it is something – you do not want to get into a confrontation with a strong Kriol woman!

    YES: Leadership Group and Parenting Classes

  • For example the line “Carmelita was founded in 1983” would be translated into Spanish, Maya Mopan and Kriol.

    2nd part of the last post (March2)

  • Camelita is unique in the sense that living in close proximity you have Kriol, Mestizo, Mayan and even Mennonite.

    2nd part of the last post (March2)

  • P.S I just found out that I will be learning Kriol as a language and be in southern Belize for the next 8 weeks!

    First Week in Belize

  • The first half of the day is language and culture class where we learn Kriol.

    What is now my life

  • Youth volunteers have two opportunities, a Garifuna or Kriol site.

    First Week in Belize

  • Melissa and Coy, volunteers in Guinea Grass about 15 miles away came to Carmelita to see a Kriol Kristmas.

    Christmas in Belize kicks butt.


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