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  • A former coastal territory of northeast China in southern Manchuria. It was leased to Russia in 1898, controlled by Japan from 1905 to 1945, and leased to Russia again from 1945 until 1955, when it was returned to China.


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  • At the same time, there was reported to be, in Central Java, a large contingent of the Kwantung army, a Japanese division from Manchuria but recently transferred.

    A Covert Affair

  • Peace negotiations opened in early August in Portsmouth, N.H., and by the end of the month, Russia had surrendered her lease of the Kwantung peninsula and Port Arthur, evacuated Manchuria and recognized Japan's sphere of influence in Korea.


  • The defeat of the Kwantung army by Zhukov (a name that should have been well noted by Americans and Germans alike in 1939), was the primary event that turned the Japanese on a collision course with the US.

    June « 2008 « Isegoria

  • The last of the island fortresses were falling — and instead of reinforcing the Manchurian Front, the Japanese Imperial Command, in its usual psychotic state of total denial about the Soviet threat, was actually sucking every decent infantry and armor unit away from the Kwantung Army in Manchuria and feeding them into the hopeless war against the US advance toward the Home Islands.

    Russia’s Other Great Victory « Isegoria

  • Those T-34s got so far inside Kwantung Army lines in the first few days that the Soviet Air Force had to use DC-3s to bring in gas.

    Russia’s Other Great Victory « Isegoria

  • The Kwantung Army commanders expected the Russian push to come from the east, so the Russians came from the west — through the Gobi desert and over the Khingan Mountains:

    Russia’s Other Great Victory « Isegoria

  • Both Sun and the Hakka General begged Chiang to return and reorganize the Kwantung army.

    The Last Empress

  • He had formerly been Chief of Staff of the Kwantung Army in Manchuria, which had fabricated the original provocation on the South Manchurian Railway in 1931.10

    The Prize

  • He joined the Kwantung army so that he would be sure to come under fire from bandits or Russians or Chinese, and he acquitted himself so well that admirers call him a virtual samurai.

    December 6

  • All the items dealt with Canton, happenings in and around that vital capital city of Kwantung Province: troop movements, promotions, appointments to the local presidiums and Communist Party, floods, food shortages, the military, numbers and types of East German and Czechoslovak goods available in the stores.

    Noble House


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