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  • Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP — a popular combination of open source software for use as a web server.


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  • Hell, you dont even need the ‘M’ in LAMP with Amazon’s Simple DB … …. .no I don’t work for Amazon.

    The future of the internet. « The Paradigm Shift

  • O'Reilly gives word that the White House will be using an implementation of Drupal that makes use of what is called the LAMP stack in softwarese.

    Tim O'Reilly's Three Insights into the Drupaling of the White House

  • But in the last 10 years, technology and architecture, things called Ajax and something called LAMP, which is Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, PERL, Python, and all of these new platforms have come out.

    When Will Google Be Honest About Its Enterprise Ambitions? - Publishing 2.0

  • These tools are commonly referred to as the LAMP stack (standing for Linux, Apache,

  • How funny it would be if there were a Progressive paper in England called THE LAMP POST!

    Tremendous Trifles

  • Let's do a small intellectual play: Web 2.0 services, or the current generation's internet companies globally, are built for the most part on top of the so-called LAMP-stack.

  • If the LAMP was the base for linux web appliances based on mysql, lapp is the base for postgresql based appliances.

    Planet SUSE

  • Once you do that, you should be able to find a flower called a LAMP GRASS right under your feet.

    IGN Complete

  • Ph. D., associate professor of developmental & molecular biology, anatomy & structural biology, and medicine, Dr. Verkhusha employed the FTs to demonstrate for the first time how a protein called LAMP-2A, which scavenges cellular debris, is transported to intracellular organelles called lysosomes, where the debris is digested.


  • Again, LAMP, which is a big part of our story, they've become close friends.



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