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  • v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of LARP. — live-action role-plays
  • n. Plural form of LARP.


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  • Whe should organise some kind of crossover night where all characters from all LARPs, living or dead, are invited for a party.

    Project Cleavage AKA Trudi Fischer

  • Maybe the real questions should be: if tabletop RPGs and LARPs didn't become "artistically legitimate" in their time, why do we expect their descendant -- the narrative computer game -- to do so because it's now on a screen instead of on a table and the DM has been replaced by a computer?

    Let The Kane Thing Go

  • Driverless vehicles, massive LARPs, and virtual shared environmental overlays (ie: CopSpace) are the rule of the day.

    Book 18: Halting State

  • You DO know that there are LARPs out there that are “theatrical style”, right?

    Pick6: Fears o’ LARP

  • There's plenty of other stuff to do at the con, too: games, LARPs, films, and of course, chocolate parties.

    REPORT: ApolloCon 2007, Day 1

  • In LARPs, someone has to physically be this random person.

    ana-ng Diary Entry

  • As near as I've gathered, LARPs are total total freaks.

    ana-ng Diary Entry

  • White Wolf, who publish live action RPGs (LARPs), have changed their policy so that anyone who runs a game where fees are collected have get permission in the form of a $20 per-player-per-year license from White Wolf (White Wolf also wants you to take this license in exchange for the right to print t-shirts and other schwag with the name of your own troupe on it).

    Boing Boing: July 3, 2005 - July 9, 2005 Archives

  • Most of the day was downtime between LARPs, though, and I simply could not become immersed in the sea of Sci-Fidom.

    Archive 2005-07-01

  • I realize there are otaku in other incarnations in the way of Star Wars fans, LARPs live action role player, Star Trek fans, etc., but otaku is mainly reserved to describe excessive, creepy anime fans.

    Otaku is a Dirty Word | The Anime Blog


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