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  • Landing Craft Air Cushion


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  • The LCAC is out 1 1/2 times the size of the small boat in the foreground of the carrier pictured above, so you have some perspective.

    Balloon Juice » 2004 » October

  • According to the Navy fact file, the LCAC is 87 feet 11 inches long, 47 feet wide, and fully loaded can weigh 170-182 tons.

    Balloon Juice » 2004 » October

  • Swap out your power supply for one of the motors from an LCAC.

    lcac in sand | My[confined]Space

  • The Russian Zubr LCAC can carry three MBTs or ten fully loaded APCs!

    lcac in sand | My[confined]Space

  • LCAC Hovercraft: Air-cushioned landing craft allows the Marines to refight the battles of World War 11, but hit the beaches at 50 mph.

    War's New Science

  • Knockout punch: Last comes the second wave of LCAC (landing craft, air cushion) hovercraft, as well as other landing craft, bringing in additional troops and the Marines 'M-1A1 tanks and heralding the second wave of helicopters, ferrying 105-mm and 198-mm howitzers.

    To The Shores Of Kuwait

  • Yes, in the background you can see that thing which is referred to as an LCAC.

    CNN Transcript Apr 18, 2002

  • While beyond the enemy horizon, the Richard can quickly airlift troops via helicopter above and behind enemy lines, send out carrier jets to provide firepower, and launch a modern-day Trojan horse, the LCAC, Landing Craft Air Cushion.

    CNN Transcript Oct 28, 2001

  • The ramp came up, and LCAC 2 nosed around, sliding off the beach and out over the water.


  • LCAC 53 and LCAC 55 swung clear of Little Rock's stern, churning up clouds of wind-whipped spray as thick as smoke screens.



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