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  • Local Exchange Trading System.


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  • LETS, which is factory reporting software for automating the collection of production data from production machinery and processes, now includes a graphical dashboard and new calculation methods for delivering greater accuracy of

    Managing Automation Week In Review News Podcast

  • The CJIC also uses an integrated communication system called LETS, which stands for Law Enforcement Tactical System.

    Sand Mountain Reporter: News

  • Virtual currency in a MMORPG is a kind of LETS, and might be "meaningful" currency, IN THE GAME WORLD.

    The Taxman Cometh?

  • The question is whether to go for local/complementary/mutual credit currencies, such as LETS or Time Dollars, or go for barter markets.

    Clipmarks | Live Clips

  • Through access to various mapping programs and multiple databases, such as LETS, the research team is working on programs that would identify suspects based on specific demographics and geographics.

    The University of Alabama

  • LETS credits are more abundant form or currency as a member can earn as many credits as they have time to work for, rather than waiting for scarce dollars to be available from bank accounts.

    Mira Luna: No Money? No Problem!

  • Greeks in the midst of economic crisis have adopted a LETS currency called TEM, which has a Craigslist like directory and a digital and check-like currency form.

    Mira Luna: No Money? No Problem!

  • One specific and popular variance of LETS in the US and UK is called a Timebank.

    Mira Luna: No Money? No Problem!

  • Whereas Timebanks and LETS have not yet succeeded in capturing a significant portion of the formal economy, community paper scrips have stepped in to fill the need.

    Mira Luna: No Money? No Problem!

  • LETS often consist of an online directory of goods and services offered by individual members and businesses and an accounting system.

    Mira Luna: No Money? No Problem!


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