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  • proper n. Initialism of GNU Lesser General Public License.


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  • The LGPL is our license choice, but if you used code under another compatible license written by someone else, that original license applies, and that original license you need to provide in the header.

    Making patches; Attribution; Copyright and License.

  • The LGPL is a perfectly fine license, and it happens to be what Nokia chose.

    Medlogs - Recent stories

  • A closer examination of the libfaac codec, a free software project containing an AAC encoder installable and used by various packages in the Ubuntu repositories, has turned up a conflict: the codec cannot be freely distributed under the LGPL, a common license used for the distribution of media libraries in free software, due to the inclusion of several other licenses 'which are incompatible with the LGPL.

    Archive 2010-03-01

  • This is despite the fact libfaac declares itself as compatible with LGPL.

    Archive 2010-03-01

  • Firefox is free software under a choice of the following licenses: MPL/GNU GPL/GNU LGPL.

    Wyzo Web Browser Is A Downloader’s Dream | Lifehacker Australia

  • I find it pretty disturbing (if not illegal) that Wyzo "aggregates" a lot of software and still does claim ownership (copyrights) and forces an EULA upon the user that takes away most of the freedoms the user has under MPL/GPL/LGPL?

    Wyzo Web Browser Is A Downloader’s Dream | Lifehacker Australia

  • If something is under copyright and it has another license, such as GPL, LGPL, BSD, the Creative Commons family, etc., check those license terms.

    Quick Guide to Using Images Without Being a Douche | Spontaneous ∂erivation

  • Cortado was originally developed by Fluendo SA under a LGPL license and contains a re-implementation of Theora and Vorbis in Java jheora and jcraft.

    ginger's thoughts » Cortado 0.5.0 released

  • A good recent example here, is the UFF force field implementation of OpenBabel which was relicensed or dual licensed as LGPL and now also available from Jmol.

    Archive 2009-06-01

  • So, I hacked up a Twitter plugin for Bioclipse in no time using JTwitter (license:LGPL), to allow sending tweets to my Twitter account (but not yet my account):

    Archive 2009-08-01


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