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  • n. A Roman numeral representing fifty-three (53).


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  • Just took LIII, and dynamic allocation is well-burned into my mind.

    Safe Investing, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • Law Number LIII: The thinness of the rocket shall be in inverse proportion to the chances of the development of said rocket coming to fruition

    Augustine's Laws - and Ares 1 - NASA Watch

  • I have skied my entire life, raced, LIII instructor, etc.

    Richardson’s Accident Reignites Ski Helmet Debate - The Lede Blog -

  • SNAIL'S TALES: Boxcar graffiti LIII & LIV skip to main

    Boxcar graffiti LIII & LIV

  • LIII So hot was the midsummer morning, even before the second glass after dawn, that Kharl was blotting his forehead even before he dismounted outside the Hall of Justice and handed the gelding's reins to Dorfal.


  • LIII A-gainst strong blustering gusts that were nearly direct headwinds, it took the Seastag five days-with frequent tacking and the use of the engine-after leaving Worrak to make port in Ruzor.

    Wellspring of Chaos

  • LIII The winter light coming through the ancient windowpanes of the low Tower of the Magi'i is supplemented by that of the wall lamps and their polished cupridium reflectors.

    Scion of Cyador

  • LIII The Silver Chalice is a two-story structure hidden in the shadows of the second auxiliary warehouse of the Spuryl Clan, and stands a hundred cubits off Second Harbor Way West on a unnamed narrow way set between the Road of Perpetual Light and the Road of Benevolent Commerce.

    The Magi'i Of Cyador

  • LIII Cerryl shifted his weight on the stool and squinted into the setting sun, shading his eyes as he studied the White highway that headed west for perhaps five kays before it split, one branch going west-northwest to Weevett and on to Vergren while the main road proceeded westward through southern Certis toward the Easthorns.

    Colors of Chaos

  • LIII The hazy fall afternoon light gave the workroom an almost misty appearance.

    The White Order


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