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  • A city of eastern New York in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains north of Albany. It has been an important horseracing and sporting center since the 1860s. Population: 28,500.


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  • Suit up with any available pressure garment, from a SEWG to an LPEG (low-pressure environmental garment) or EPG (emergency pressure garment).

    The Starfleet Survival Guide

  • Don any available pressure garment—a SEWG, LPEG, or EPG.

    The Starfleet Survival Guide

  • Surviving planetfall in a standard-issue LPEG or EPG is essentially impossible, and the chances of surviving planetfall in a jury-rigged SEWG are minimal, at best.

    The Starfleet Survival Guide

  • It should be noted that a Starfleet low pressure environment garment LPEG, which appears very similar to a SEWG, is intended only for benign airless operations, and will not by itself provide sufficient protection to attempt an unshielded planetfall.

    The Starfleet Survival Guide

  • If you can't afford an automatic electric gun, you can still get a really fast rate of fire with a low-powered electric gun, also call an LPEG. New Blogs and RSS Feeds

  • For much less money, the only real difference in performance between an AEG and an LPEG would the number of feet per second at which the fired shots travel. New Blogs and RSS Feeds


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