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  • n. Luminous Red Nova — an astronomical event, believed to be a type of stellar explosion, intermediate in power between that of a nova and a supernova, which as the explosive debris expands it reddens and cools, opposite of novae and supernovae, in which thinning explosive debris exposes hotter interior layers.


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  • My own company, LRN, is working to answer this question on our own flat journey.

    Dov Seidman: Going Flat: Creating the Freedom to Succeed

  • At LRN, four democratically elected councils have joined our executive council as the primary shapers of our new approach.

    Dov Seidman: Going Flat: Creating the Freedom to Succeed

  • Breakthrough Fuel Technologies Two firms could provide significant breakthroughs during the next few years in the search for cleaner fuel technologies, says Andrew Shapiro, founder and president of GreenOrder, a unit of consulting firm LRN that promotes corporate environmental sustainability.

    And Tomorrow's Winners Will Be...

  • When LRN posted the job listing for the New York office administrator position that Emily recently stepped into, we included a specification designed to let candidates know that we valued what they might contribute to our company, beyond their administrative skills: "Philosophy major preferred."

    Dov Seidman: Philosophy Is Back in Business

  • Although I pursued my philosophical studies because I was inspired by the subject, I also reached a conclusion that led me to found LRN, a company that helps businesses develop ethical corporate cultures: Philosophy is powerful enough to tackle sprawling issues.

    Dov Seidman: Philosophy Is Back in Business

  • Here's a timely and practical example of how applied philosophy can generate a new business idea: At LRN, we don't think of our suppliers as "vendors" or our customers as "buyers."

    Dov Seidman: Philosophy Is Back in Business

  • My company, LRN, is the foundation's exclusive corporate sponsor of the prize.

    Dov Seidman: Ethical Leadership: An Operating Manual

  • So, at least, says my friend Dov Seidman, who is the CEO of a company called LRN.

    Marc Gunther: When Money Doesn't Talk

  • In fact, we are in an enviable position: LRN pioneered the field of online ethics and compliance education and has since educated tens of millions of employees around the world on how to "do the right thing," and we continue to help leaders inspire principled performance in business.

    Dov Seidman: A TRIP We Should All Take

  • At first glance, money management giant Mellon Bank Corp. (now the Bank of New York Mellon), the British alternative rock band Radiohead, and my company, LRN, would appear to have little in common.

    Dov Seidman: A TRIP We Should All Take


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