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  • abbr. League of Women Voters


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  • The editorial page of the World called the LWV "moribund" to try to discredit their opposition to recall, but in fact the local LWV is more active than ever, and their principled stand against recall has attracted new members and volunteers.

    Recall: Cockroaches fake LWV calls - BatesLine

  • Non-partisan voter groups in the State, such as the League of Women Voters (LWV), Democracia USA (now part of NCLR), and the Boy Scouts will also be severely affected by the new law.

    Eric Rodriguez: In Florida, Implementation of Electoral Reform Law Will Suppress Minority Voting Rights

  • To be fair, Grose is not identified as Republican by the LWV, his own campaign website, or the Orange County Register election summary page.

    Racist Republican Stupidity, Part ...

  • The nonpartisan League of Women Voters, promoters of civic responsibility since 1920, has now abandoned its Florida voter drives: LWV is suing the state, saying that Florida's clampdown on the franchise violates the 1965 Voting Rights Act.

    The Republican 'voter fraud' fraud | Diane Roberts

  • Louisvillian Dorothy Ridings, former head of the national League of Women Voters [LWV], said, and the Jefferson County Board of Elections confirmed, that if that is the case, the employers 'actions are illegal.

    Devotion, Suspicion and Excitement in Louisville

  • The LWV-Plainfield is a non-partisan organization, and we host this annual forum as a public service to the residents of Plainfield.

    Bd of Ed: Cathcart, Rivers and Shephard

  • What NYVV has misrepresented as "facts" are merely the interpretation held by the EAC, and now apparently NYVV and the LWV, which has never been ruled on by a court.

    Save NY's lever machines!

  • In fact the lever machines are far superior to the minimum standards set by the Help America Vote Act (HAVA), now being touted by NYVV/LWV.

    Save NY's lever machines!

  • There was a second position paper issued by NYVV/LWV regarding NY's lever machines and HAVA, which purports to state facts that are not facts, but rather represent a specious legal interpretation of HAVA that was put forth by the EAC, a federal agency administering HAVA under the Bush administration.

    Save NY's lever machines!

  • At the end of the mainstream news article in the link below (the article details recurring voting rights problems in New Jersey), the LWV and ACLU contend that the secrecy of the counting mechanism in the paperless DRE machines used in these counties violates the legal requirement for an "open and public examination" of the count.

    BlackBox Blog-O-Lection May 15, 2009


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