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  • proper noun The fictional place where wandering, sleeping, or dreaming minds are metaphorically said to end up.
  • proper noun US, figuratively Los Angeles, California (or Hollywood.)
  • proper noun Canada British Columbia


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  • From the moment she walks off the plane, Ms. Napoli knows she's a universe away from La-La Land.

    Blissful Transmissions

  • Moreover, La-La Land expects private investors to kick in $12 billion because so many people will want to ride the train that it will turn a handy profit.

    Fact And Comment

  • We might stop further damage beginning next January, but with a veto power and the ability to issue Executive Orders, a politicized bureaucracy, a supine Media, a radical Bar, and an Academy in La-La Land, the best we can do is drift until Jan 2013.

    OBama’s economic policy is clear, all right

  • Out in La-La Land, he held “deep” events like “love-ins” and “be-ins,” presumably in order to get in touch with his “inner self.”


  • I recall my first husband, actor Gary Lockwood, who considered himself a New York actor, proudly exhibiting an outward disdain for those of us who were safely sequestered in La-La Land.

    One From The Hart

  • It is the scandal that dare not speak its name, that a GOP candidate is in La-La Land, and being "handled", while Bush/Cheney gets ready to assume the puppet strings of a McCain administration.

    Prickly McCain Refuses To Define "Honor" In Interview

  • And at the current rate of a book or two per year, I would be ahead of the 'deadline' and never be stuck in creative La-La Land.

    Archive 2009-04-01

  • There is evidence that menschdom is alive and well from London to La-La Land.

    Bonnie Fuller: News Alert: Hollywood Men Get Mensch Makeovers!

  • Even then La-La Land was a sink hole of sorts but as Art Carney's private eye character Ira Wells says to LillyTomlin in The Late Show about his generation of Hollywood folk, "We did it better back then." posted by Ed Gorman @ 2:07 PM

    Bullets Over Hollywood; Jim Harmon

  • Don't you miss the peculiar delights of London out there in La-La Land?

    Got a Question for BATTLESTAR GALACTICA Star Jamie Bamber? | the TV addict


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