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  • The series or alliance of duplicidendate rodents, conterminous with the suborder Duplicidentata, and containing the two families Leporidæ and Lagomyidæ, or hares and pikas, which are thus together contrasted with Myomorpha, Sciuromorpha, and Hystricomorpha. The characters are the same as those of the suborder Duplicidentata.

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  • proper noun plural (Zoöl.) an order of rodent-like mammals, comprising the hares, rabbits, and pikas. They have four incisors in the upper jaw. Called also Duplicidentata. They were formerly classified together with the rodents, but the Rodentia and Lagomorpha are now classed as separate orders.

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  • proper noun A taxonomic order within the superorder Euarchontoglires — the hares, rabbits and pikas.

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  • noun rabbits; hares; pikas; formerly considered the suborder Duplicidentata of the order Rodentia


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“Hare-shaped”, from Ancient Greek λαγώς ("hare") +‎ -morpha


  • According to recently published phylogenetic definitions, the term Lagomorpha is best restricted to the pika-rabbit clade (viz, the crown-clade) and the old name Duplicidentata is applied to the stem-group that includes Lagomorpha.

    Archive 2006-05-01

  • Within Lagomorpha, rabbits and hares make up the clade Leporidae, and the less well-known pikas (aka ochotonids) form their sister-taxon.

    Archive 2006-05-01

  • I really like eating rabbit, but I had to force myself to forget that they're rodents. not anymore! no negative connotations to Lagomorpha!

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  • The lagomorphs are the members of the taxonomic order Lagomorpha, of which there are two families, the Leporidae (hares and rabbits), and the Ochotonidae (pikas).

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  • "Though members of order Lagomorpha can resemble rodents (order Rodentia), and were classified as a superfamily in that order until the early twentieth century, they have since been considered a separate order."

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  • Phylogenetic position of the order Lagomorpha (rabbits, hares and allies).

    Archive 2006-05-01

  • Hares on ice: phylogeography and historical demographics of Lepus arcticus, L. othus, and L. timidus (Mammalia: Lagomorpha).

    Archive 2006-05-01

  • A new species of Nesolagus (Lagomorpha, Leporidae) from Vietnam with osteological description.

    Biological diversity in Indo-Burma

  • Dramatic decline of the threatened Ili pika Ochotona iliensis (Lagomorpha: Ochotonidae) in Xinjiang, China.

    Biological diversity in the mountains of Central Asia

  • The Lagomorpha (hares and rabbits) and Rodentia are also well represented.

    KwaZulu-Cape coastal forest mosaic


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