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  • n. Plural form of Lagrangian.


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  • Schmidt and Lipson's algorithm was able to converge on the Hamiltonians, Lagrangians and force laws of classical physical systems, including non-linear systems.

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  • Interestingly enough though, there is still often great confusion and debate over whether some relatively simple systems can be modelled by Lagrangians.

    Special Post: Noether’s First Theorem – Emmy Noether for Ada Lovelace Day

  • And just by looking at the behavior of this pendulum through a camera, it was able to generate Hamiltonians and Lagrangians mathematical equations that exactly explicate its behavior, something that would probably take someone with a major in physics to write down.

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  • As for QM, well as far as I am aware all QM theories in the standard model are based on Lagrangians or Hamiltonians just as classical models usually are.

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  • This relationship between fields in this manner involves some subtle matters of Lagrangians on a full space and the Chern-Simons Lagrangian on a subchain or cycle.

    The Black Hole War

  • Since bivectors give you Lie algebras, you get gauge-group-type things, and you might think of spinors as fermions, and think of the vector space as spacetime, and even try to put such things together to form Lagrangians … and see where Einstein-type faith might lead.

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  • Topics covered include: motivations for supersymmetry, the construction of supersymmetric Lagrangians, supersymmetry-breaking interactions, the Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model (MSSM), R-parity and its consequences, the origins of supersymmetry breaking, the mass spectrum of the MSSM, decays of supersymmetric particles, experimental signals for supersymmetry, and some extensions of the minimal framework.

    Identifying Dark Matter

  • Conventional physics uses quadratic Lagrangians, two-dimensional worldsheets, second-rank tensors under Yang-Mills groups, commutators between two objects, and similar structures based on the number "2" all the time.

    The Reference Frame

  • The easiest way to model this system is using Lagrangians/Hamiltonians. what's new online!

  • Without any prior knowledge about physics, kinematics, or geometry, the algorithm discovered Hamiltonians, Lagrangians, and other laws of geometric and momentum conservation.

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