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  • n. Alternative form of Lamarckism.


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  • Other theories of evolution, such as Lamarckianism, assumed that evolution is in some way driven by some kind of purpose.

    Science Friday tomorrow -- Monkey Girl, Flock of Dodos - The Panda's Thumb

  • That sounds fairly close to Lamarckianism (if you take out the teleology).

    Assessing Causality

  • Some of the theoretical options of the late nineteenth-century included neo-Lamarckianism, saltationist and orthogenetic theories, and a complex body of theories that attempted to build upon Darwin's insights, typically without making strong use of his principle of natural selection (Shanahan 2004; Bowler 1996, 1983).


  • Lamarckianism is denied by neo-Darwnists, for example, but Darwin considered it to be one possible mechanism.

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  • - A double whammy resulting from biblical literalism joined to Lamarckianism.

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  • In Russia, when a mountebank called Trofim Lysenko caught the attention of Stalin with a barely digested and wrongheaded biological theory based on Lamarckianism, it was the supporters of Mendelian genetics who were derided as cranks, and shipped off to labor camps and psychiatric wards.

    Mann on Splices: the Case of Crowley and Lowery « Climate Audit

  • It is possible also that this is facilitated a bit by his Lamarckianism, which allows him to think of physiology in terms of uses rather than functions or roles.

    On a Mistaken Impression

  • For with natural selection discredited in the house of its friends, and Lamarckianism under grave suspicion from want of a single well authenticated example, it is hard to see what there is left of the biological doctrine that has so dominated scientific thought for a half century.

    Q. E. D., or New Light on the Doctrine of Creation

  • In sharp contrast to Lamarckianism, so called, -- although it did not originate in the mind of the noted man of science whose name it bears, -- is the doctrine of natural selection, first proposed in its full form by

    The Doctrine of Evolution Its Basis and Its Scope

  • As we have stated earlier, Lamarckianism is the name given to the doctrine that modifications other than those due to congenital factors may enter into the heritage of a species, and may add themselves to those already combined as the peculiar characteristics of a particular species.

    The Doctrine of Evolution Its Basis and Its Scope


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