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  • Landforms are mostly low rolling ridges and valleys, and the soils vary in their productivity.

    Ecoregions of Tennessee (EPA)

  • Landforms consist of terraces and floodplains that are interlaced and surrounded by rolling hills.

    Ecoregions of the United States-Level III (EPA)

  • Landforms are mostly undulating valleys and rounded ridges and hills, with many caves and springs.

    Ecoregions of Alabama and Georgia (EPA)

  • Landforms, soils, and vegetation have all been indirectly or directly affected by mining operations and subsequent runoff.

    Ecoregions of Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia (EPA)

  • Landforms present in this region include the upland terra firme (non-flooded) mostly on nutrient-poor lateritic soils, ancient alluvial plains (mostly non-flooded) on nutrient-rich soils, and present alluvial plains (várzea, seasonally flooded) of super-rich sediments renewed with each annual flood.

    Southwest Amazon moist forests

  • Landforms and lithology are different from nearby ecoregions.

    Ecoregions of Idaho (EPA)

  • I don't usually write about my nonfiction projects, but I just finished the page proofs for Landforms: The Creation of Canyons for Rosen Publications.

    November 2008

  • Landforms—be they chasms, swiftly churning waterfalls, or craggy mountains—impede your progress toward the lumbering behemoths.

    On The Shoulders Of Giants

  • Weathering Landforms - landforms that are created by the physical or chemical decomposition of rock through weathering.

    Landform development

  • For anyone still doubting the possibilities for naturally complex dune systems, check the MOC Gallery of Martian Sand Dunes (I like this one of barchans in Nili Patera in 3D) in comparison with the Eolian Landforms chapter of the NASA/Goddard online book, Geomorphology from Space.

    Archive 2004-02-01


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