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  • adj. Of, or pertaining to the Lapps or their language.
  • proper n. A language family spoken by the Lappish people.

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  • adj. Of or pertaining to the Lapps; Laplandish.

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  • Pertaining to Lapland or the Lapps.
  • n. The language of the Lapps, which is akin to the Finnic. Also Lappic.

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  • n. any of the languages spoken by the Lapps and generally assumed to be Uralic languages


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Lapp +‎ -ish


  • "You must have had luck with your fishing, Jon, since you've been at it all night?" said the mountaineer in Lappish, as he approached.

    Further Adventures of Nils

  • This restaurant serves a range of traditional and modern Lappish delicacies such as arcticchar, bear, mushrooms, berries as well as trout and vendace roe (www.

    Rudolf for Dinner

  • Reindeer meat is served in many restaurants in Lapland but for those who cannot travel that far north, try reindeer in the Lappish Restaurant Saaga, Helsinki.

    Rudolf for Dinner

  • If we can embrace the whole of Scandinavia, disregarding language background e.g. with Finnish, Lappish and Greenlandic, we could perhaps take on board the other two Baltic countries.

    Archive 2009-07-01

  • It is Aase — Aase who stands there blocking the way, waving her arms and swishing that Lappish skirt of hers.

    The Road Leads On

  • She would always appear in Lappish garb — furs sewed together into a kind of smock — and stride straight into the room like a very queen, proud of her comely person, serious and deliberate of speech.

    The Road Leads On

  • Lappish garb, though her outer garment was not embellished with the screamingly bright embroidery and decorative flourishes common to her race — hers was a simple brown smock.

    The Road Leads On

  • The woman draws near; it is Aase, tall and exotic in appearance, clad in her Lappish cloak and moccasins, a tall sugar-loaf cap on her head, a scarf about her neck and with a whole cluster of dingledangles hanging from her belt.

    The Road Leads On

  • It was ten in the morning and - 25° Celsius when the group left the small mining town of Kaafjord for the summit of Haldde Mountain, Haldde being a Lappish word for "guardian spirit."

    Excerpt: The Northern Lights by Lucy Jago

  • Breakdowns of the snowmobiles occurred often in the rough Lappish terrain.

    Diffusion of Innovations


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