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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of Latinise.


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  • He is Andrew David Hamilton, his name Latinised for the ceremony into Andreas.

    The man who saved Oxford University

  • Horologium was actually known as "Horologium Oscillatorium" -pendulum clock, but as far as I know, La Caille just named it to honor Christiaan Huygens. its name was never known as the Latinised "Horologium Huyganius"

    Universe Puzzle No. 6 | Universe Today

  • They were Ibn Sīna (980-1037) and Ibn Rushd (1126-98), both of whom are more familiar in the west by their Latinised names: Avicenna and Averroës.

    When Baghdad was centre of the scientific world

  • His name was al-Kindi (801-873) (Latinised as Alkindus) and he is regarded as the first of the Abbasid polymaths.

    When Baghdad was centre of the scientific world

  • The presentation of characters 'names is horrendously inconsistent - some are Latinised, some Grecianised, some Hebrew (or possibly Yiddish), and one who is called "Fabulous" (sic).

    Linkspam for 23-6-2009

  • Bratza said: Brilliantly Latinised as was the sentence... this is not the way which I or my fellow view the respective roles of the two courts..

    European judge slams UK 'xenophobia'

  • I think those great scholars of the last century who translated Sophocles into an English full of Latinised constructions and Latinised habits of thought, were all wrong—and that the schoolmasters are wrong who make us approach Greek through Latin.

    Later Articles and Reviews

  • Corson, Using English Words (1995), p.200: "Haugen (1981) also notes the effect of 'the Anglo-American empire and its Latinised English' (p. 114) on Norwegian, where almost 90% of new words in the language come from English (Norstrom, 1992)."

    Archive 2009-04-01

  • Bosch, incidentally, was born Jeroen van Aken; he signed his paintings Jheronimus Bosch, but is best known outside the Netherlands by the Latinised version, Hieronymus.

    Bosch and other art action figures

  • The Roman names are themselves Latinised versions of pre-Roman ones.

    Doing the tell


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