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  • proper n. A taxonomic superorder within the subclass Eutheria — the carnivores, whales, bats, horses, pangolins, etc.


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From English Laurasia + Ancient Greek θηρίον (thirion, "beast")


  • All orders are labelled and major lineages are coloured as follows: black, Monotremata; orange, Marsupialia; blue, Afrotheria; yellow, Xenarthra; green, Laurasiatheria; and red, Euarchontoglires.

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  • The study also bolsters recent research suggesting that bats are more closely related on the tree of evolution to horses, dogs, cows, moles and dolphins -- all members of the superorder Laurasiatheria -- than humans, monkeys, flying lemurs and mice, which belong to the Euarchontoglires superorder.

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  • Laurasiatheria, Carnivora and giant panda, respectively.

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  • The resolution of the ancestral MHC class II structure requires an estimate of the time at which DY genes arose in order to judge whether Euarchontoglires, such as humans and mice, lost the DY subregion, or Laurasiatheria, such as carnivores and herbivores, gained the DY genes after the separation of Euarchontoglires and Laurasiatheria.

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  • Instead they go elsewhere within the placental mammal clade Laurasiatheria, being (most surprisingly) closest to carnivorans, perissodactyls and artiodactyls (e.g.,

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  • However, with the exception of the DOA genes, human alpha genes were reassigned to the Laurasiatheria clade in the newly built tree (

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  • In the former alpha tree, the intra-clade branches of DOA, DQA, and DRA clusters corresponded well to the taxonomic relationships of Euarchontoglires and Laurasiatheria (

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