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  • adj. Of or pertaining to the author TE Lawrence, his works or style of writing.
  • adj. Of or pertaining to the author DH Lawrence, his works or style of writing.


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From Lawrence +‎ -ian.


  • At the same time it's really very British, reminiscent of something a bit Lawrentian.

    Tracey Emin: 'What you see is what I am'

  • Legal opinion at the FO is probably tailored to meet the requirements of camel corps, and as such bears little or no relation to the real world, apart from, that is, the one created in their fevered Lawrentian imaginary.

    Giving evidence to the Chilcot inquiry, Tony Blair said: “I...

  • Thus far he sounds like D.H. Lawrence, with his sexual monomyth (or monomania?) … but Stevens seems to change his mind, and says something about as un-Lawrentian as you can get: “Life consists/Of propositions about life.”

    a world of words to the end of it : Stephen Burt : Harriet the Blog : The Poetry Foundation

  • Far more than Tom Ripley, she fits that Lawrentian description of being hard, isolate, and stoic, especially in her later years, when she grew increasingly cranky and notorious for her caustic remarks and prejudices.

    This Woman Is Dangerous

  • The Lawrentian, student newspaper of Lawrence University (Appleton, Wis.), features a story on a "gender studies" lecture by an odd couple:

    He Stood Athwart History

  • You could call it a ghoulish variation on a Lawrentian theme.

    The Woman Who Rode Away

  • Far from "suggest [ing] this possibility," Brophy's quotes confirm that Lehmann and Salter were studiously vague about the Lawrentian connection and at pains to avoid linking the fictive with the future baronet.

    The Pettifogging Pit

  • When Kepesh gets an itch in the groin and becomes a kind of monogamous debauchee, grateful to be able to take the initiative with patient, neglected Claire, we know we won't get any Lawrentian smarm about the dark wisdom of the body.


  • If Frieda, with her devotion to Lawrentian principles, cannot really be trusted to make a good job of abstracting Lawrence's ideas, I fail to see why we should accept the premise that Mr. Ricks is qualified to do it.


  • There are small Lawrentian poems of close physical observation, like "A Daisy" or "Chameleons."



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