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  • proper n. An international organization founded as a result of the Treaty of Versailles, which ended the First World War. Its goals included disarmament, preventing war through collective security, settling disputes between countries through negotiation, diplomacy and improving global quality of life. The predecessor of the United Nations.

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  • n. an international organization formed in 1920 to promote cooperation and peace among nations; although suggested by Woodrow Wilson, the United States never joined and it remained powerless; it was dissolved in 1946 after the United Nations was formed


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  • De La Sablière said that he thought there had to be some mention in any resolution of the disputed Sheba Farms territory on the Golan Heights, which Lebanon claimed, but that everyone else thought was Syrian land under Israeli occupation, and the “exchange of prisoners,” all of which suggested that France, the former League of Nations mandatory power in Lebanon, was simply acting as Siniora’s mouthpiece.

    Surrender is not an Option

  • That was the year that the League of Nations received what amounted to its deathblow.

    The HurricaneStory

  • They included the League of Nations 'interventions in the Spanish civil war and the Covenant which the Italians had defied by invading Abyssinia, today known as Ethiopia.

    Foreign Minister: The Earle Page College's Annual Politics Dinner

  • As part of the Treaty of Versailles, which detailed the terms of German surrender, Wilson proposed a League of Nations to mediate conflicts between nations, along with an international court and a set of international laws that would bind not just the weak but also the strong.

    The Audacity of Hope

  • In 1936, when even the ACTU revised its stand on Abyssinia and approved collective security through the League of Nations in support of Spanish workers, Curtin was resolute for appeasement and isolation: "To be drawn into war in spite of everything would be bad enough, but deliberately to indicate our willingness to be a participant for or against certain European groups would be a piece of national madness".

    Foreign Minister: The Earle Page College's Annual Politics Dinner

  • He has violated the islands of the Dodecanese, even effacing the tombstones of Greeks, He has opened a school in Parma to teach terrorism to Croats and Macedonians, He has subverted the League of Nations by infiltrating its administration, He has blocked peace negotiations between Albania and Yugoslavia, He has re-armed Germany, Belgium, and Austria, leaving His own army to fight scandalously unjustifiable wars without weapons, and yet has signed the Kellogg pact that outlawed the use of force as an instrument of foreign policy.

    Captain Corelli's Mandolin

  • League of Nations against the newts was concerned, they denied that there could be any serious political circumstances when it could be needed; there were indeed both the Society of Nations and the

    The War with the Newts


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