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  • They are trying to figure out ways to correlate that to social media, says Rob Leathern , chief executive of independent Internet advertising company Inc.

    Facebook's Brand of Loyalty

  • Hedger to wear a Velvet Coat, as a Courtier to wear a Leathern one; for if over-doing our Condition, may ascend to Pride, under-doing may descend to Sloth or

    A Patch-Work Screen for the Ladies

  • Leathern bottles were taken to make helmets; all the palm-trees in the gardens were cut down for lances; cisterns were dug; while for provisions they caught on the shores of the lake big white fish, fed on corpses and filth.


  • Leathern bags bulging with mysterious contents stood at the base of one pillar.

    The Golden Torc

  • Shepherds sing alternately for a Leathern Pouch, or a Goat, than for the Desire of Praise.

    A Full Enquiry into the Nature of the Pastoral (1717)

  • So when a Leathern Bottle is fill'd with Air and stopp'd up close, if you hold it under Water; it will still strive to get up, till it returns to its place of Air; and then it rests, and its reluctancy and propensity to ascend, ceases.

    The Improvement of Human Reason Exhibited in the Life of Hai Ebn Yokdhan

  • ”1726Returns to Philadelphia; after serving as clerk in a dry-goods store, becomes manager of Keimer’s printing-house. 1727Founds the Junto, or “Leathern Apron” Club. 1728With Hugh Meredith, opens a printing-office. 1729Becomes proprietor and editor of the “Pennsylvania Gazette”; prints, anonymously, “Nature and Necessity of a Paper Currency”; opens a stationer’s shop. 1730Marries Deborah Read. 1731Founds the Philadelphia Library. 1732Publishes the first number of “Poor Richard’s Almanac” under the pseudonym of “Richard Saunders.

    Chief Events in Franklin’s Life

  • Leathern as his face was, it none the less showed his emotions with remarkable lucidity now that he was off his guard.

    In Old Kentucky

  • Leathern boats brought over their wagons and artillery.

    Historic Tales, Vol. 8 (of 15) The Romance of Reality

  • Hardly were the last words out of his mouth, when an impatient wight struck up the "Leathern Bottel," and heartily did they all join in the chorus, down to where the ballad describes the married man wanting to beat his wife, and using a glass bottle for the purpose, which broke and let all the wine about: --

    The Toilers of the Field


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