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  • n. Plural form of Lemurian.


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  • These Men, who called themselves "Lemurians" lived peacefully with us for many hundreds of years and we helped them as much as possible, for we are a very ancient race and had more knowledge than ever the ances - tors of the Lemurians, although of a different kind" for while Man concentrated on improving his body, we concentrated on improving our minds and could control mighty elements with our wills.

    Elric At The End of Time

  • (And there's some wild stuff to quote, about ghosts and the Lemurians, the jellyish beings who inhabited Atlantis.)

    Biodynamics: Natural Wonder or Just a Horn of Manure?

  • The Walker also manages to become embroiled in a war between two very different 'alien' species: the lemur-like Lemurians and the raptor-ish Grik.

    REVIEW: Destroyermen - Into The Storm by Taylor Anderson

  • Through the entire series Anderson has captured this sense of disorientation very well, but he juxtaposed it nicely with the growing trust, admiration, and respect between the humans and Lemurians.

    Dimebag & Destoyermen Redux

  • So much so that some of the men become drawn to the female Lemurians.

    Dimebag & Destoyermen Redux

  • Amitakh Stanford has opened my eyes to the conspiracy of the Lemurians over the Kyoto Proto Col.

    Rabett Run

  • Still he knows the recent victories will not prevent the Grik abetted by the Japanese from swarming all over his crew and their allies the pacifist Lemurians.

    Maelstrom-Taylor Anderson « The Merry Genre Go Round Reviews

  • The Lemurians are vastly outnumbered and ignorant of warfare, and even the guns and technology of Walker cannot turn the tide of battle.

    Rob's Blog o' Stuff

  • I was also pleasantly surprised at how well Anderson managed to maintain both the tension and plausibility of the evolving relationship between the Lemurians and Humans.

    Dimebag, Destroyermen, and Declarations

  • Together, the two American ships will teach the Lemurians to fight and stand against the bloodthirsty Grik...

    Archive 2008-09-01


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