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  • n. Genitive form of Leo used when naming stars, such as α Leonis.


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  • Don't be confused by the fact that Algieba has another more distant neighbour, the star 40 Leonis which lies less than a Moon's breadth away to its south.

    Starwatch: Leo

  • R Leonis, a red slowly pulsating variable star of the Mira type, spends most of its time at telescopic brightness but is currently visible through binoculars below a stellar pair 2° above and to the left of Omicron.

    Starwatch: Leo

  • The next star to be reached is Beta Leonis, 4 months from now.

    Personal Light Cone

  • We — mankind, that is — come not from Earth, which is out there somewhere, but from the planet Kobol, whence we set forth long ago in our ships to found the Twelve Colonies: Caprica, Leonis, Gemenon, and the rest.

    Lost In Space

  • Their colony was jointly invaded by Virgon and Leonis some 800 years ago and the Tauronese spent a long time driving them out in a guerrilla war.

    The Twelve Colonies of Humanity

  • Eight centuries ago, the colonies of Virgon and Leonis allied together to invade Tauron.

    The Twelve Colonies of Humanity

  • Leonis is unfortunately xenophobic and isolationist, leading to some problems with relations with other colonies.

    The Twelve Colonies of Humanity

  • The planet was noted for its alcoholic beverages, most notably Leonis Estates Sparkling Wine and Leonis Red, an energy drink.

    The Twelve Colonies of Humanity

  • So why not on Caprica or Gemenon or Leonis or any of the other Twelve Colonies of Kobol?

    Archive 2009-09-20

  • But for the Leonis, the joy that came with those milestones was tinged with the knowledge that at any moment the disease might really kick in. - Alzheimer's touches children


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