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  • See Holy Island.


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  • "Winter Song," Lindisfarne "Elvis Costello turned me on to it," he says of the haunting ballad by the Brit folk group's late leader Alan Hull.

    The Santa Claus of Christmas Songs

  • I also drew on my memories of some of the National Trust properties that I had visited that had Edwardian interiors, such as Lindisfarne Castle, which although it was originally a Tudor fortress was redesigned by Lutyens in 1903.

    Nicola Cornick, author of The Last Rake in London | Edwardian Promenade

  • It was often the communities established by the Patrician church - such as Lindisfarne - which provided the intellectual and cultural capital to ensure that the pluralism of the post-Roman era were no mere Dark Ages, as lamented by Bryan Ward-Perkins.

    Patrick and the end of empire

  • I wrote "Lindisfarne," an account of the raid that sort of started it all, historically, and in time I will write a story about the lost Greenland settlement, which was the end of all Vikings, forever.

    Comic Book Resources

  • The second arc, "Lindisfarne," (issues #9-10) is about a young boy and the sacking of the Lindisfarne monastery in A.D. 793, the beginning of the Viking Age.

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  • In 793, Viking raids forced monks to abandon Lindisfarne, an island off the north-east coast of England, carrying the body of Saint Cuthbert with them.

    Viking chieftain's burial ship excavated in Scotland after 1,000 years

  • The first is St Finan, who succeeded St Aidan at Lindisfarne.

    Tuesday 17 February -- Aimless Rambling and Some Feast Days

  • He rebuilt the monastery of Lindisfarne, building it of "hewn oak with a thatched roof, 'after the manner of the Scots.'"

    Tuesday 17 February -- Aimless Rambling and Some Feast Days

  • Durrow is also the home a manuscript which is not as well known perhaps as the Book of Kells or Lindisfarne Gospels, but which is impressive; the Book of Durrow.

    Early and Mediaeval Irish Ecclesiastical Art

  • This is no flimsy successor to the engineering masterpieces associated with all three rivers: the history of pioneering art in northernmost England embraces the Lindisfarne Gospels, the Ashington painters, the engravings of Thomas Bewick and the wild, apocalyptic landscapes of John Martin.

    In Praise of … Gateshead | Editorial


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